Learning how bail bonds work in Cobb County, Georgia can really help you in the long run. When someone gets arrested and calls you to get them out, knowing the difference between paying the bail and hiring a bondsman could save you thousands of dollars.

Before we get started with explaining the bail bonds process, here are a couple of short tips to give you some insight into the way that bail bonds operate in our criminal justice system.

Tip #1: Instead of just hiring a bonding company to write the bail bond and get your friend or loved one out of jail, it might be more financially feasible for the defendant to wait until their initial bail hearing or first court appearance. The judge may reduce the bail amount to just a signature bond. If this happens, no money is due and the inmate will be released immediately. A bail reduction wouldn't hurt either! This will make the price of the bond substantially less.

Tip #2: A lot of people search for the term "bail bonds near me" which is contradictory. You want to find a bonding company that is actually close to the jail in Marietta, Georgia. Either that or the proximity to the Cobb County court house is which you should be seeking financial help from a bondsman.

Tip #3: Get all of the inmate's information written down and have it in front of you before seeking out a bail bonding agency. The bondsman has to do an inmate search on the Cobb Co website to make sure that the information is correct and that the defendant is eligible for a surety bond. Just by having the information readily available will take some of the stress out of getting a bail bond.

The Way Bail Bonds Work in Cobb Co.

There are five different entities involved in the bonding process and the way that bail bonds operate so efficiently is by having the bondsman act as the leading liaison. The different institutions involved are the defendant, the jail and court system, the bonding company, the cosigner, and an insurance company.

In order to do business in a particular county such as Cobb, a bondsman has to be licensed by the state and by an insurance agency. A bail bond is a form of surety bond in which an underwriter is required. By linking up with an insurance company, the court knows that the financial transaction is legitimate and financially backed.

No one can get a bail bond by themselves after they have been incarcerated. They need a cosigner, or someone to vouch for their appearances at all future court dates. This aspect of bail bonds has proven to be effective due to the increased accountability of the defendant in regard to the friend or family member who signed the bond. This person needs to have a strong history of financial stability and must be a resident of the state of Georgia.

The jail works in conjunction with the courts. In some jurisdictions, an inmate must see a judge before a bail amount can be posted. In Cobb County, a standard bail schedule is used for misdemeanors and first offenses. After a defendant gets booked into the jail, a bail amount is posted almost immediately thereafter.

The bonding company, acting as the lead liaison between all parties involved, quarterbacks the process. The cosigner goes to the bonding office to sign the paperwork and the bondsman takes the bond to the jail for the inmate's release. During this process, the bonding company's insurance coverage underwrites the bond and guarantees the amount. If the defendant fails to show for their court date, the bond will be revoked and a warrant goes out for the person's arrest. The full amount of bail becomes due and the bonding company must pay it or bring the accused back to jail within thirty days.

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